Keep Your Laptop Always Safe



The computer is now a very useful tool in everyday life. A few years ago there was a lot of demand for desktop computers. But the laptop has occupied desktop space over the last few years. A laptop is the first choice for personal computer use. The first reason for this choice is its portability and the second reason is its battery backup.

You go back a lot, searching for a brand, buy a laptop that likes the brand. But due to the lack of awareness and care, if your preferred laptop is bitten by the disease? Let’s know what to do to prevent and keep the laptop’s laptop healthy and healthy. Keep in mind that some simple rules and hobbies keep your laptop incomparable.

Screen Protector

First of all, buy ‘Screen Protector’ and ‘Keyboard Protector’. The screen protector is the same thing as the screen protector we use on the touch screen mobile phone. It does not take any stain on your laptop screen, if it takes any stains or minor injuries, it will take a look at the protector. Your original screen will be blurry. It will cost 150 to 200 taka.

Keyboard Protector

‘Keyboard Protector’ is like a screen for a transparent rubber. It will keep your laptop keyboard safe and dust-free. Often our laptop keyboards are infected with dust and there is a problem to clean. And there is another advantage of using it. Suppose you are working on laptops and drinking tea and coffee. Because of being bizarre, the glass or cup has overturned on your laptop’s keyboard. Diameter, it is a problem! Using ‘keyboard protector’ will not be a problem. Because it will not be able to access water, tea, coffee on the keyboard when using it.

 Cooling Fan

There are many small computer labs available on the motherboard, processor, RAM, hard disk and everything else. That is why it is normal for the laptop to work a bit hot. The solution is the cooling fan. Keeping the laptop on a cooling fan will reduce the laptop heat and laptop battery life will also increase.

Ventilator Clean

Always try to keep the laptop in the backside of the laptop and ventilators for the ventilation. This will allow your laptop’s cooling fan to be dust-free and work properly.

Do Not Use Over The Bed Or Pillow

Never use a laptop on a bed or pillow. When this happens, hot air is made very quickly in the laptop chamber and it cannot be ventilated with ventilators. If this happens, you can go to your laptop coma any day. However, if you use a good quality cooling fan, you can use a laptop on the bed.

Beware Of Electricity Connection

Be careful when connecting the electricity to the laptop. Do not insert the laptop’s plug in the switch on the electric board, and do not accidentally open the adapter’s wires. The laptop power connector is likely to be damaged by this.

Finish The Charge

Always do not use a laptop with an electricity connection. Finish your laptop’s battery at least twice a week. If the sudden power outage or outside use, the laptop’s charge maybe 70 to 80 percent. But if all the ‘cell’ batteries are not used, then the charge is not used. The battery can not show its full performance if all ‘cell’ is not used.

Install Software

Your laptop may have many software installed that you have never used. Uninstall such software and do not install any unnecessary software. This will lessen the pressure on your laptop’s operating system and speed up a bit. Run a cleaner if needed and run it.


If you use the Internet, then use licensed anti-virus. Then your laptop will be free from the virus. The free antivirus available on the Internet works partially to prevent viruses, not completely.

 Screen Resolution

When you run on a laptop battery, keep the screen resolution as low as possible. It also increases your battery life. That means you will get more busy time when using a laptop in low resolution while running the battery.