Hard Disk Or SSD Disk Which Is Better For A PC?


Hard disk vs SSD card

Hard disk and SSD card both are important for our computer. But today we explain which is better for a computer. Most people now buy laptops for their computing needs and have to make the decision between getting either a Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) as the storage component.

There are roughly three types of memory devices in terms of data stability on the computer. One is read-only, such as the motherboard/processor or bios in which programs are programmed permanently. Data can read or read from these, but it can not add new data or erase existing data. Another memory type is RAM. Data may be subtracted, but it is transient. RAM data is switched or replaced when the PC goes on, or when you open a new program. RAM is such a thing – the Random Access Memory The memory device that we use to store any files on a PC provides the most long-term stability of the data. Hard drives are commonly used in this case.

Currently, a hard disk is being used extensively as a computer storage. The PC’s operating system and other user-files are stored in it. The hard disk price is relatively low, its speed is a little less. To get more speed, many of them use SSD storage. These are hard disk alternative storage devices. SSD’s full-length is the solid-state drive.

What is an SSD

Hard disk drives contain many magnetic coating plates that rotate during work hours, and special read-write heads transmit data to these metal discs or plates.

On the other hand, there is no rolling part in a solid-stored drive or SSD storage. It has interconnected flash memory chips in which the data is stored electronically. No magnetic power is required. There is no read-write head in it. So let’s look at some of the topics that you decide to use on your computer, or SSD storage.


The hard disk has rotating parts and hence the head will take some time to collect data from its exact location. Hard disk data access time is a bit more than the SSD due to these other technical reasons. In other words, hard disk works faster than SSD. In my personal experience, the SSD PC was launch in 7-10 seconds, where the hard disk’s PC took at least half an hour to start. After that, the PC starts and the startup programs take more than a minute to get ready.

File read-write time in SSD is average between 200 and 550 megabytes per second. Hard Disk average file read-write time of 50 to 120 MB / second. If you add an SSD (at least as a system drive) on a hard disk, you will get at least twice as much speed as before. Compared to the hard disk, the speed of SSD seems to be the sky-like difference. So if you want the speed on the PC, SSD will be your best choice in the storage.


SDD storage devices are known for more stable than a hard disk. Therefore, SDD further ahead of stability.

Power Consumption

SSD costs less power than a hard disk. Where SSD is 2-3W, there is a hard disk with 6-7 watt. Since the Solid State Drive costs less electricity, so the SDD storage will increase the battery backup of your laptop by at least 30 minutes.


The SSDs currently available for laptops do not usually have more than 1 TeraBat. SSD is available for desktop with maximum 4 terabytes of capacity. On the other hand, the hard disk capacity is much higher. Maximum 2 terabytes for laptops and 10 terabytes of hard disk for desktops are available. In the future, both capacities will increase further. If you need a lot of storage then you can choose hard disk.

Sound And Vibration

Due to the rotating parts in the hard disk, the noise from these is generate. However, there is no sound and vibration from the SSD because there are no rotating parts.

The Price

One advertisement surely must have seen “things that are good, prices are a bit more”. That’s why, SSD is giving you so much benefit, so its price will be a bit more. The price of 250GB SDD storage will be 8 thousand rupees, where 500 GB hard drive drives will cost around 3,500 takas.

If you can increase budget, then choose SDD storage instead of hard disk. Some laptops offer SSD storage. If you buy them, you will not be able to buy the SSD at the extra cost, and the total cost will be much safer. Some SSD laptops like this are Asus If you want, some models of SSD and hard disks can get both of them.

Compared to hard disk, the cost of SSD is higher, as well as speed. If you have multiple drives installed on your PC, then you can use SSD as a system drive, and use a hard disk as a file storage. And if there is a single place to drive, then if you take SSD according to the budget, the storage capacities will get less, but the speed will get very nice.