Apple Confirms Siri Notification Bug Will Fix Soon


Siri Notification Bug:

Newly it was published that Apple seems to have unawares left a significant loophole open in its latest iOS versions and the iPhone X, smartphone. The fault effectively gave anybody in the globe an opportunity to snoop into any iPhone X’s notifications. Even if they are protected when on the lock screen. All they would want to do is to easily ask Siri to read all the notifications. No software downloads required, no jailbreaks.

Presently, the company appears to have taken note of this extensive subject and has approved a fix is coming quickly. The Cupertino-based tech company said the related in a declaration to choose news blogs. The company said, “Apple is informed of the problem and it will be addressed in a future software update”. It has, however, not still published when specifically the fix will appear.

For what’s worth, the iOS defect is not only seen in the iPhone X. But is also said to be present in iOS 11.3 beta versions. If you are an iPhone X buyer, you should be conscious that out of the box. The phone hides the notification content on the lock screen. However, the content can be viewed as soon as the phone recognizes you. But it seems like Siri can better this protection layer very easily. Interestingly, Siri does ask you to open the iPhone X if you request it to read the last note or last email.

Bug Fix Soon:

As a temporary fix, you need to turn off the lock screen notifications for applications of which you don’t require Siri to read out loud. If in case you need to keep the information on the lock screen, you can disable Siri when you lock your phone. The flaw is said to operate on nearly all the important third-party messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, email applications, and even Slack. It doesn’t run on the firms own Mail and Messages.