Alexa Routines Now Lets You Play Song


New Feature:

Amazon has the latest music feature for Alexa Routines. Those automated sets of attached smart-home actions you can start on Echo speakers with voice commands or timers. For example, you can assign the phrase Alexa good morning to a Routine that slowly opens the window shades, brightens the lights, and start the coffee maker if you meantime own whole the prerequisite gear.

About Alexa:

Now you can more augment the mood with music by automatically playing your favorite playlist, artist, or podcast from the Alexa-enabled speaker of your choice. Thankfully, you can also be monitoring the volume. Because of you nearly for sure do not want to hear the morning news read. You at the similar decibel level as previous night’s dance party. Music services permitted encircle Amazon Spotify, Music, Deezer, TuneIn, and Pandora. No Apple Music is not on the chart.

I barely tweaked my Alexa, good morning. Routine to set the volume to 1 (out of 10) before my Echo Dot reads. My weather foreboding and Flash Briefing. Which is set to Techmeme headlines. Then, when whole the news is done. It plays my detect Weekly playlist on Spotify by my living room Sonos speakers. Importantly, the Routine says Spotify to use shuffle mode. So that I do not hear the similar songs every morning Spotify refreshes the detect Weekly playlist every Monday. I tried this with Spotify’s Daily Mix playlists but Alexa does not identify them for some frustrating cause.


If you own an Echo device and are not using Routines yet. Then you really should be they are one of the simple pathways to unlock the strong of a smart home, even if you only own a few Hue lightbulbs. You can learn much about setting up Alexa Routines here. The power to customize routines with song and other audio satisfied will be obtainable within the Alexa app for Android and iOS. Whatever, the feature is barely now beginning to roll out. So you may not watch the option instantly.