Time Travel! Is Time Travel Possible?


Time Travel, hearing the name, an around-the-clock machine of the imaginary world floats in front of the eyes. Wherever people enter, the future goes. You can see the state-of-the-art building, a fast-moving vehicle that also rates imagination.


We all want to be back sometime in the future, to see what our situation is like. If I get everything as a dream then it is good. And if I see something to the contrary, then quickly return to the present so that all mistakes are not rectified. If that was really the case!

What Is Time To Travel?

Time travel It actually travels along the axis of time. We are all aware of three dimensions, length, width, and height. It is possible to change the space along these three dimensions. However, one idea of ​​the minimum quartile is the concept of time. To date, the fourth dimension has not been able to move. Moving along this time axis calls a chronological array. We also call time travel from one time to another. It may be traveling in the past, traveling in the future. Modern physics does not sit alone with time travel or time travel.

Time Travel In History

At 7, Washington Irving’s famous ‘Rip Van Winkle’ responded well. The Rip of Dutch origin was of a stormy type. One day he went to the mountain with his pet wolf-dog to quarrel with his wife and to escape the troubles of this world. There followed a squirrel and went to the top of the mountain.

Meet some weird people with beards. Rip out of the wine with them. Waking up and watching disappear for 20 years! From time to time, imagination began to gain momentum in imagination. In ancient epics or folklore, many travel stories were prevalent.


Details about time travel are found in the story of King Kakadumi in the Mahabharata in the 4th century BC. Where the story of the king and his daughter, Revati, travels. Traveling stories are also popular during the Urashimako or Urashima stars, a character from the eighth-century Japanese folklore of Christianity. The concept of time travel has become a central theme of many relatively modern storytellers.

Time Travel And Prospects In Physics

According to theoretical physics, there is one thing, according to which time travel is possible. But it is not possible to just go through the past. Explaining later why this is not possible. But yes, future travel is possible. However, he doesn’t know if it is possible to create a round time machine like the comics of cinema or science fiction.

Some time ago there was a news on the BBC that Ron Mallett, a professor of physics at the University of Connecticut, made a device that could be used to build a time machine in the future. Maybe I can see the light of hope! However, it is uncertain whether this is possible or not at all, or whether it will ever happen in our lifetime. Let’s go back to physics anyway.


He Showed Through Mathematics

Austria’s renowned mathematician Kurt Godel has shown through mathematics that it is possible for us to have some Closed Timelike Curve in the universe, indicating that time travel is possible, but in certain conditions. Time travel is also possible according to Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity. How?

According to relativity, when an object moves at the speed of light, it will become empty. And if the light goes on, the time will be fixed, meaning time travel. That means time travel is theoretically possible according to Einstein’s relativity. Here t is the time relative to a fixed object, t is the time relative to the moving object, and v and c are the velocities and the velocities, respectively. Now if v is any velocity near the velocity of light, then t will decrease.

Blackhole Matters

Suppose you were lifted into a spacecraft that could run at the speed of light, and you went out on the journey to the top of the universe. But when you come to earth you will see that many years have passed where you will feel like only a short time. Thus, the time travel formula is hidden in Einstein’s theory.


Now let’s talk about the black hole. How is time travel possible through the black hole? What is a black hole? Blackhole or black hole is a very unfortunate state of the stars. When the stars are completely silent, the mass reaches a point at which the magnitude of space becomes infinite. Even if the light enters there, it cannot come out. Again, according to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, the higher the mass, the slower the time.

Travel Around The Black Hole With A Spacecraft

If you are traveling around a black hole with a spacecraft and another spacecraft is traveling around the Earth, the age of the black hole traveler will be about half the age of the person traveling around the globe.

You may ask why I talked about black holes. The answer is, you can’t get out if you enter the black hole. There is a lot of gravitational force. The light cannot come out, as I have already said. The last frontier of the black hole’s gravitational field is called the horizon of events, which you can never find again if you cross it. If you wander around the black hole and the time will fixe, twice as much time on Earth will pass.


Time Travel According To Quantum Theory

Stephen Hawking understands that time travel is anti-nature. Einstein’s general theory of general relativity, through which particular fields seem to make time travel possible, is not recognized by quantum theory. The matter became quite complicated. Once it is said, it is possible.

Because, again, time travel is only theoretically possible, if it is not possible to reach the speed of light. In that case, it is necessary to build a time machine where it is possible to achieve speed near the speed of light.