Robin Hood (2018 Movie) Trailer Released


The first trailer for the Robin Hood has released

British actor Taron Egerton, best known for the Kingsman films, as the medieval hero who would steal from the rich and give to the poor, alongside American star Jamie Foxx as Little John.

Taron Egerton is known to all for the starring in Kingsman film series

He (Taron Egerton) is going to play Robin Hood in Lionsgate’s take on the well-loved legendary and literary character. The trailer of this movie was recently posted online. The name of this film is simply titled as Robin Hood. The character has had many adaptations.

With most of them falling far short of the charm of their literary counterpart. Otto Bathurst (Peaky Blinders) is the director of this film. Also stars Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Tim Minchin and Jamie Dornan.

The film (Robin Hood) is inspired by the stories instead of a direct adaptation. Robin Hood is also popular as a concept of a man looting from the rich and distributing the booty to the poor and the less fortunate. In the trailer, Robin Hood’s character is a man with a Bruce Wayne – Batman style alter-ego. He appears to be a nobleman who gives advice to the Sherriff of Nottingham in how to catch himself. Not the outlaw on the run as the tales say. The take looks fresh.

The trailer is full of visuals and firefights

That would have been impossible before the 15th century. When first ballads pertaining to the legend of Robin Hood first appear. But then this is the age of special effects. The effects look cheap. One can only hope that they will work upon. Its improved by the time the movie hits theatres. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the producers and that has to mean something.

Jaime Foxx plays the role of Robin Hood’s best friend Little John. A mentor and maybe a trainer as well. Ben Mendelsohn is the Sherriff. He is an implacable enemy of Robin Hood. Jamie Dornan is Robin’s half-brother Will Scarlett. Robin Hood will release on November 21, 2018.