Rajinikanths Kaala Teaser Released


Kaala Teaser Rajinikanth Nana Patekar And The Clash Of the Titans

Rajnikanths Kalla teaser is out. It was released a few hours ago. Fans were waiting for Pa Ranjith’s much-awaited Kaala. So they have this surprise from the director. The director decided to reveal it on March 2. The teaser is full of  Pa Ranjith’s style and swag. As he is always carrying himself of Tamil being the highlight.

Rajinikanth’s entry sleeps in  Sreekar Prasad’s cuts serving as the best topping. As the symbol of the film is black. The teaser self-has a pretty impressive narrative. There are many important actors. But the teaser is full of Rajnikanth. As there are many punches. The punchlines suited him as always.

There is a song Nellai slang Tamil that karkalan speaks. Murali G seems is the Cinematographer. As there are Santosh Narayanan scores. Yogi b have to be mention. the rap that elevates teaser’s latter half. the frames are good. Rajinikanth seems to carry in this teaser is something admirable. As we all know Rajinikanth is an enerjetic superstar. Which is trapped and captured well.

The teaser opened with  Nana Patekar.

Nana Patekar asks “Kaala, Kaisa Naam hai re?” And the question is followed. by a stylized visual of Rajnikanth. the teaser is  1 minute 17 second .  which is the perfect combination. for the fans. the word mostly used. kaala means black.

the God of Death. Karikaalan means “One who fights to protect”. that symbolizes the movies name. although people often associate color white with clean and good. the dirty compared. with dirty and black.

seems like the Nana Patekar character is an antagonist. who shows in white all the time? but rajnikanths get up is opposite. Rajinikanth’s protagonist dress up in black. that challenges the stereotypes of the society. The movie produces Tamil superstar Dhanush.