Raid Movie Review Ajay Devgan Rules


Ajay Devgn and Saurabh Shuklas Faceoff Is Worth Watching

So it is a story of an honest income-tax official conducts a planned raid. Which is one of the most bigger people in Uttar Pradesh? Ajay Devgn is playing the main hero. The director’s previous movies were Aamir and no one killed Jessica. The movie itself inspired by true events. That happened in 1980.

As there was a raid on political goons. The films revolve around with resonance because the broad themes that it. touches upon are undeniable as relevant today. as they were four decades ago. but as it goes on The nation and its people may. on the surface, seem to have moved on, but, at levels that matter, the rot has only worsened in dangerous ways.

Ritesh Shah has written the movie. which says the story about an honest officer.

Who was living in Lucknow with his wife Malini on his 49th transfer in seven years? After he moves up he doesn’t waste any time. With an anonymous telephonic tip-off. Patnaik, with a posse of policemen and tax officials. Marches into the den of a dreaded.

Negative politician Rameshwar Singh “Tauji”  with a search-and-seizure warrant. Ajay Devgan is marvelous. As he experienced in this kind of roles. He played such kinds of characters before in many films. So it looks effortless. The movie is no different. He comes with a plan this time. Ileana D’Cruz plays Ajay’s wife.

She playing in supporting character. She does not seem to pull off the character. the movie picks up the pace once the raid begins and the graph maintained for a while. but the movie shows the good vs the evil.  As there are always been some clashes in Hindi movie. So the movie seems to be predictable in some ways, but it always comes with mystery.