Film Review Bruce Willis In Death Wish


Death Wish’ Review Bruce Willis Dishes Out Torture-Porn Revenge in Weak Remake

Deathwish is a remake of popular 1974 film. it is the same name starter, Charles Bronson. Deathwish is inspired by a  book. bruce wills are playing the lead character in the film. seems like Bruce got a very busy life in the movie.

but his life is full contentful. Lucy Kersey is her wife in the movie.  Lucy Kersey is played by Elisabeth Shue. his daughter name is Jordan. played by Camila Morrone. bruce and his family living in Chicago. his family gets threatened. and victim. his life gets upside down. as his family gets brutally assaulted.

the incident gets him distraught. then he wants his revenge. he embarks on a mission. he discovers the perpetrators. so bruce unleashes his fury. he hurts them who are wrong. the movie and the story seem quite straight. the movie keeps you wonder.

the makers were right in releasing the film. the gun violence is high in the USA. the audience questions himself whether Paul’s rampage is even justified. the connection seems sketchy. also, the sequences seem to be sluggish.

Eli Roth has directed the film.

He got a robust script to begin. So it seems quite funny. The light gets at the end. Bruce wills is a genuine action hero. Bruce wills got his own x-factor and charm. What differences Jim from another superhero.

Which seems very rare in today’s action heroes. In this film, there are many moments where Bruce throws a glance. He makes those scenes quite genuine. It is thrilling to see wills in action. he got some old school moments in the movie.  Bronson will be proud. as Bruce is a tough guy. with a brave heart. summing out everything the fans may wish bruce vintage Kersey would return.