Superstar Faced Ghost In Their Real Life


Why not say evil ghosts or ghosts, people can not completely disbelieve in it. Especially those who confront with unexplained and unnatural events believe that there is something like that. The next thing is what science explains behind it. There are many stories of healthy and vigorous people who have seen these events in the right brain. Now see, your favorite stars, but ghosts have seen. They have told their horror experiences. In real life, they faced such a bad thing.

Varun Dhawan

Varun used to stay in the hotel during the shooting of ‘ABCD2’. The hotel is famous for the legendary singer Frank Sinatra. Varun was in MT Suite, in which the Ghatak of the kayak is known to circulate. One day after the shooting of the day, Varuna returned to the hotel room with tiredness. At night he heard some unusual words. Without air, the daddy opens alone and closes several times. Later, Varun said, I heard the songs in a strange voice with these incidents.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin was shooting in ‘atta’ with Bipasha Basu while shooting Nawazuddin But he was confronted by another strange incident. It seemed there was someone around him. However, all of the events were seen by the set. Even Bipasha has heard from where a female singing from the time of the shooting was singing. It is also recorded, but it can not hear any more. Another incident occurred at another moment of shooting. The picture of the wall behind Nawazuddin falls. But there was no air in the room. The glaze did not fall, nor did the frames leave them.

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha cannot forget about the experience of shooting ‘Gunah’. The shooting was going on in Mukesh. Bipasha could not tell her dialogue in certain rooms of the area. Before that in the film shooting of a heroine fate happened. After shooting in one of the two rooms, the soul overwhelm.

Imran Hashmi

He also faced the ghostly experience. Imran went to retirement with his friends. Suddenly around the room, one evening, heard the cry of the roaring. But there is no one nearby. They are scared and afraid. Could not sleep at night. Occasionally there was screaming.

Ranbir Singh

There was a terrible experience. It is really scared. These experiences did not allow me to sleep at night due to the shooting of Bajirao Mastani. I could clearly understand that someone wandered near me. There was a black wall on the shooting set. There was often a white dust on the ground that it seems to a real bizarro.


His experience is really terrible to the movie. At the time of shooting at a hill area, he was in the hotel. You can never forget the Ekaterina Sleep in the middle of the night saw that Oak woman is sitting on her chest. Not a moment! Going up in the morning, the house was random.