Nvidia Suspends Car Tests In Wake Of Uber Crash



Nvidia will suspend its independent vehicle testing on public roads. In the aftermath of Uber’s deadly crash, Reuters reports. Uber is a purchaser of Nvidia’s. By using the chipmaker’s computing stage in its fleet of own-driving cars.

Nvidia had been testing its individuality-driving cars in New Jersey, Germany, California. The company is hosting its yearly GPU Technology convention in San Jose this week. About its automotive products.


The accident was unfortunate. It is a reminder of how hard SDC technology is. And that it requires being approached. With ultimate chariness and the better security. A Nvidia spokesperson said in an email. This tragedy is we have promised ourselves to the conclusion this life-saving tech. AVs will be long safer than human drivers so this important task requires continuing. We are suspending the testing of our self-driving cars. On public roads to learn from the Uber event. Our worldwide collection of driven data collection vehicles continue to handle.

The company is new to halt autonomous vehicle testing after a self-driving Uber car killed and propelled a gangsman in Tempe, Arizona, last week. Toyota also said it would stoppage it is testing in cities crosses the world, citing the emotional toll of the Uber crash on its security drivers.

In connection with testing its own self-driving cars. Nvidia also manufactures mighty computing platforms. And use in autonomous vehicles. Before this year Nvidia began selling its Xavier chip for use in self-driving cars. The chipmaker says it has 320 customers in the automotive place.

Uber has been using Nvidia’s self-driving technology in its autonomous test cars for a whilst. Although the companies only just started to talk about it before this year. Uber has said it would use Nvidia’s tech in its eventual self-driving collection of Volvos as well as the company’s. But Uber has also halted its AV testing in all the cities in which it handles. And the governor of Arizona ceased. The company from testing its self-driving cars in the state doubtfully.

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The types of computers produced by Nvidia and its contenders. Look like Intel are arguably the more significant part of the driverless car. Everything the vehicle views with its sensors. By monster PCs in sequence for the vehicle to make divide-second decisions. All this processing must be done with many. A level of excess to confirm the highest level of security.