Best Features Of iOS 12


Some Interesting Features of iOS 12

Before downloading the updates, make sure that you have a backup of all the data available on the device. Go to Settings and General to Software Update and choose the option to install iOS 12.

If you cannot get the option to update the device, you must find out whether your device supports this update. What makes the new update the coolest thing you can ever get on your mobile device? The following are the best iOS 12 features

Group FaceTime

This feature helps you to chat with thirty-two people at the same time. This feature is integrated with iMessage now.

So that you can set up a call on Group FaceTime through the chat window of the iMessage group. Additionally, you will have the option to add the effects of Memoji and Stickers during the call. This feature works equally well on iPhones, Macs, and iPads.

AirDrop Passwords

Do you need to share a password in a jiffy? It is easy to do when you long-press on a password in the cloud keychain and AirDrop it to another device. The person to whom you have sent the password can receive the notification when they input the password in their keychain. You can save it as a new entry or simply update the login if the service already exists. For instance, one person in the family can share it with the rest of the family.

Alternate appearance and Face ID

The TrueDepth sensor is one of the aspects that tell you the secret of Face ID unlocking the phone readily instead of the finger touch option. However, if you prefer changing your appearance often, such as alternating the wigs.

Putting heavy makeup or sunglasses. Whether needed for a profession or otherwise, facial recognition can take a lot of time. However, it is possible to create an alternate appearance when you visit the Settings and move on to the option of Face ID and Passcode to Authenticate. And you can now tap the Set Up an Alternate Appearance when the device asks for the password.

Siri Shortcuts

With the availability of Siri Shortcuts, it is capable of engaging in quicker actions that can now be assigned easily through the Shortcuts app. The users can use the Siri Shortcuts on different devices of Apple. You can get important notifications even when you have turned on the Do Not Disturb app. Especially when you need to get the latest updates from a health care provider when your loved one is admitted to the hospital. In iOS 12, Siri can adapt to the behavioral patterns of the user thanks to artificial intelligence. While using the Spotlight Search tool. You can view the suggestions that appear underneath depending on how you have been using the device such as calling back in response to a missed call or texting a friend. All that you have to do is to tap on the suggestions which will take you to the task you need to perform. The suggestions appear based on the use of the iPhone device, and you can get them daily.

Support of CarPlay for third-party navigation apps

Instead of relying on Apple Maps, the CarPlay option can support third-party navigation apps. When it comes to iOS 12. CarPlay is available with Google Maps but make sure that you have updated to the latest option.

With this feature in Google Maps. You can try to get more information about the traffic and the alternate routes from the built-in display of the vehicle. For instance, you may have started navigating the iPhone and suddenly get inside your car. Google Maps will offer you information from the time you have left with the help of CarPlay. You can also access the list to navigate so that you can get the latest traffic updates and your preferred spots easily.

Better screenshots on iPhone X

After the introduction of iPhone X, the technology giant has finally come out with a solution to resolve what is termed as one of the most frustrating problems for the users of this phone, which is ‘accidental screenshots’. A lot of users have complained about taking accidental screenshots but with iOS 12. You can unlock the phone and turn the display on at the same time and a lot of users will be happy to learn about this improved feature of iOS12.