5 Things You Didn’t Know Truecaller Can Do For You


Truecaller is one of the most popular application. Because this app helps the user to identify the caller from unfamiliar numbers. Also, help to block unwanted caller and blocking spam text. However, this app offers you more actions. Users can make video calls and also send flash messages. Let’s talk about some features of the app any users should know about.

Create profile:

When open Truecaller first-time, you can create your own profile and you can manage your profile in the way you like. You can upload your photo, your full name and other information like a home address, email address or a website. You can also link your Truecaller account to your Google or Facebook profile. If you want to change your privacy setting, go to General settings then decide who gets to see your account.

Mark spam:

Can you face too annoyed of many people calling you to sell something? You can block them by Truecaller. When many people blocked a number, this app will show you a red colored contact card. You get a notification when you receive a call from that number.


Check who is calling:

Truecaller is properly worked when you connected to the Internet. However, if a number has identified when your data connection is on then the app will identify it anytime without internet.

Make video calls:

Now, you can make video calls from this app. Simply note that the call will be made via Google’s app Duo. The duo is a Google’s video calling app. Now install the Duo app. Go to Truecaller then choose the information icon next to the person you want to call. A page open that has the choices of Call, SMS, Video Call, and many more. Choose the video call option then Truecaller will automatically call by using Duo.

Default dialler:

You can set Truecaller as your default dialer. Go to the application then tap on the hamburger icon. Open Settings and Choose the option of General and scroll down. Now you see Missed Call Notifications option, enable it then the application will show notification for different support in order for it to become your default dialer.