Best SEO Tools You Must Try


SEO is most important thing for our website. Who has an online marketplace, a blog they must want their website rank up. If nobody created tools for us we can’t do this thing properly.  If we did it takes 80x longer time.


Used for: – Analysis and Research.

Price: – Free / Premium

This is the best site explorer for backlink analysis tools. There are many marketers, small business owner, and SEO prefer to use Ahrefs to help them improve their search ranking. Ahrefs have content explorer which search the web for most popular content for any topic or keyword. It also gives you keyword search volume, Position history, related keyword.

The pricing in this tools starts at $99 per month with annual options.



Used for: – Audit SEO

Price: – Free / Premium

This tool is all about showing you how good or bad your website’s overall. They have four major tools:

SEO check: – This tool tests your website and gives you tips for a better search engine.
SEO Compare: – This tool compares 2 pages for the keyword term.
Keyword Check: – This tool shows how well your page optimizes for your target keyword.
Ranking Check: – Which checks your page rankings for any keyword.

The premium plan starts at $40.


Long Tail Pro

Used for: – Keyword Research

Price: – Paid

Long Tail Pro has moved from being a downloaded application to being cloud-based. This was already one of the most popular keyword research tools in the SEO field. This will only make it 10x faster and 10x easier.


SEM Rush

Used for: – Competitor Research and Keyword

Price: – free / Premium

The best part of the SEM Rush is there are more than 20 ways to research your competitor. You can find the best backlinks, best keywords, best contents and other things.



Used for: Outreach

Pricing: Paid

Pitchbox is not an SEO tool but when your link building there is a lot’s of outreach involves. Pitchbox makes outreach efforts 10x easier than the other tools. The email sequence feature follow-up emails automatically.