Make The Dream House More Smart


In the present time, the word “smart” is not just a mobile device, timepiece to a toothbrush, bedroom from toilets, and so on! People are being addicted to a new way of day-to-day experimentation, which is why we can get all the new exciting products! In this era of Automation, wherever you are, the power can keep the news of almost every favorite thing you are! And if this favorite thing is your precious house then there is no word!

From day to day monitoring of temperature control, everything from security to day-to-date can be kept, through this application. In light of this, today you have got some new gadgets for your dream home; Which will enhance the beauty of your home as well as the more secure.

iRobot Scooba® 390

You might be aware of the cleaning of the floor, but the cleaner’s bigger father is this scuba robot! There is almost everything needed for modern hijacking in this robot. Simple design, lasting battery, four-level cleaning system will clean the floor of a common family. Not only cleanliness, as well as up to 98% will be free of life! Click here to buy this awesome robot with just $ 499.99.

Pivot Power Knows

This is a multiplug! An electronic product widely used in everyday life. It seems that the Amari again! Yes, there is something that is else. This is not a general extension; Its unique design will be set to any Chipa-Chapai in your house, Anaashay! Moreover, without any hassle can add any size plugin! All the fun feature is with built-in smart apps; Through which you can control your smart mobile from any corner of the house with some finger touching! The price of this amazing multiplug is only $ 79.99.

Goji Smart Lock

Worried about the security of your home? Goji Smart Look! This device does not compare to make your home security system a little smarter and stronger. It will keep visiting your home’s members, whenever someone tries to open it with the key, the person’s picture will immediately come to your smartphone! (Take care of children coming to Late Night) Also, its modern design is compatible with any door. It’s going to be so popular that all the products have been sold before it comes to the market!

Spotter Multipurpose Sensor

Feel that the clothes are washed into the washing machine but it does not remember to wash; Outside the house, do not miss to stop the lights fan; Does anyone remember when the children came from school when they did? Do not worry, all the work you have on your side is the Spotter Sensor! It will be remotely connected to your mobile and will monitor your home temperature, sound, humidity, speed! If something gets worse than normal, then you will tell the message through the problem! Why then?

SmartThings Know & Control Your Home

It also works like Spotter Sensor, but it has a few extra features; It can do anything on-off as well as on the feel. Available in both versions of Android and iPhone. According to options, its price is $ 199, $ 299 or respectively. Click here to know more about the purchase and purchase.

Moxie Bluetooth Sweater

Who does not have our talent! There should be no talent and “Bathroom Singer” should be there, but to increase the talent in the house, Moxie Showerhead! It can be set in a magnetic field where the desire can be easily set, and there is no problem in charging. This amazing Wireless speaker can be found in 5 colors. It costs $ 199.

Apex AquaController Smart Aquarium Monitoring

If you are an aquarium lady then this product is for you. Place this system fully with your aquarium tanks and observe the activity of your aquarium remotely in the vicinity. Besides, monitoring of salinity of aquarium and lighting can also be adjusted. Not only this, through this device, you can arrange fish food from your smartphone far away! Flower system costs- $ 219.

Withings Wi-Fi Enabled Baby Monitor

This smart baby monitor system is great to work for new conversions! In order to take care of your newborn baby, it has a high-resolution camera, night vision mood, and more directly with the talking system.

From a small dream, I used to dream a digital house! Despite the lack of coordination and dream, this dream is far from many dreams, but if you can not afford the same kind of work as a Bill gate, InshaAllah can build a digital house! What do you say?