5 Gadgets That Aim to Keep You Healthy in 2018


Nowadays Gadgets are part of our life. Every day we spend time with our gadgets. Let’s see 5 gadgets which keep you healthy.

1.UV Sense

First of all L’Oreal’s UV Sense is like a fancy nail art. This sensor is battery-free measures less than 2mm thick. NFC is a medium for this system. when It transfers UV data via NFC it works like sender. Users can also monitor UV exposure by using an app.

2.Blocks Smartwatch

Finally, this awesome smartwatch is ready for launch in this year. It’s a bit chunky, but don’t worry users can add links to the band. There are also like an environmental sensor, GPS, heart rate sensor. The blocks smartwatch price range is 250 to 300.

3.Peloton Tread

Peloton tread has 32-inch HD touchscreen is impressive for the user. However, users can spend extra $39 per month for this peloton tread. Peloton Tread users are allowed to stream 10 plus live classes every day. Users are also get guided workouts.

4.Misfit Path

If you looking for a simple and awesome smartwatch. Misfit path is a perfect choice for you. This device has no touch function. It’s price inexpensive $150.

5.Schwarzkopfpro SalonLabs

Schwarzkopfpro SalonLabs is a device that designed for hair care. Users easily check their hair health by scanning. It also determines your hair’s health condition and moisture. At the end of the day, the user gets a report of his hair health.