What Is Happening In Syria! Syrian conflict


Syria has been engaged in civil war for the last six years, with different groups trying to seize control of the country.

The condition of Syria is getting worse day by day. The war has killed more than 400,000 people. The half population is getting threats from the Middle East to Western Europe. The war started in 2011. Against the president Bashar al-Assad.

The wars involved powerful countries like Russia, Iran, Turkey, and the U.S. The strong knot is made against ISIS, the al-Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. The government itself endangered the nation. In the end, it won’t matter! Who rules. The attacks at Damascus on August 21 brought the US to the brink of a military intervention in Syria.

Barrack Obama pulled it back. When Russia offered a deal. Syria should hand over the weapons. again it raises the questions. Moscow influence on the middle east. The military remains the same. The regime and the rebels both locked.

They are all piling Syria in the dust.

The power of foreign countries is still blurring. they do not know how to solve the crisis. but it may, 2011 European Union has not renewed the arms. the two countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar have steeped.

the present developments do not point to signs of resolution. in recent months France and UK government released the sarin gas. which could be used as the weapon. but from the beginning, Russia insisted there is no real proof yet that chemical weapons have been used in the conflict. after clashes of certain time government forced.

to recapture the town. in early June. because it is important to take its position near the Lebanese border and its links to other key locations. this is not indicative. but the conflict looks to have become increasingly sectarian in nature.


The clash is going between

1.Soldiers who support the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

2. fighters known as rebels, who don’t want Assad to be in power anymore.

3. the group that calls themselves the Islamic State.