Who is Captain Marvel? Infinity War 2


A Brief History Of Marvel Studios First Leading Lady

If You have already seen Avengers infinity war. Then there is a question coming out your mind in the last portion of the movie. Fury pressed the button.so the news is there will be a solo captain marvel movie in 2019. It will be introduced before the infinity war. So the big question is who is captain marvel and how powerful is she?

How much power she posses so that she can beat Thanos. However, that Captain Marvel is Carol Danvers. Who has the honor of being Marvel Studios’ first female solo lead in its at-that-point 10-year history? so now fans are confused. Marvel has actually had no fewer than eight Captain Marvels over the decades. But it was not the first company to feature a character of that name. That character would be Fawcett Comics, with C.C. Beck’s character.

who nowadays is owned by DC Entertainment and going by Shazam.

So the life of captain marvel goes like this Carol Danvers. The current Captain started life as a supporting character for Marvel’s first Captain Marvel. Which was introduced as in Marvel Super-Heroes No. 13? She was an airforce pilot.

Years later, it was revealed that that accident had actually altered Danvers’ DNA and given her superpowers. That prompted her to take up the superheroic identity Ms. Marvel. So after that, she continued as ms marvel.(she also briefly went by the names “Warbird” and “Binary” during that era. And also spent some time disempowered and without memory, but such things are common in comics). Before taking on the Captain Marvel mantle to much fanfare with 2012’s Captain Marvel No.

The series was relaunched again earlier this year.She has many superpowers like Superhuman strength and durability Energy manipulation: She can shoot energy blasts (and lasers) from her hands. Energy Absorption: She can absorb energy, like lightning, and this absorption actually augments her other abilities.Making her the most powerful superhero in the Marvel universe.