Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Review


The Kartik Aaryan starrer provides some laughs

The movie name itself may be a tongue-twister. but nothing in this world is complicated to director Luv Ranjan.  it is his fourth project. the movie is simple and sexy. in the movie, the guys just wanna get laid. the girls are silly. between the Dosti and love who wins! for that, you have to watch the movie.

in this movie the director shows. his familiar comedic chops.  BFFs Sonu (Aaryan) and Titu (Singh) are cutting a merry swathe. a merry swathe through the ‘chicks. fully immersed in the dating scene.  Ranjan is too busy making low-rent jokes about ‘sex’.

from Apart from the ‘hum Saath Saath Hain’ note, a ‘saas-bahu’ thread is bunged in, presumably to attract the ‘family audience’, as opposed to the strictly ‘chhada’ (bachelor boys) army, but the vibe remains the same.

The boys-not-men do the same thing. as do the girls. Bharucha is capable of more.  but she’s made to narrow her eyes.  the exclusion of all other expressions.

you will get some catchy lines in the movie.

like A girl on the dance floor says: ‘aur main yahaan backless pehen ke naach Rahi Hoon. you will enjoy. maybe laugh out a bit too. also, the Delhi girl nailed it.

if the uproarious laughter from the audience watching the film. may be the audience not giving that much thought. The film is consistently funny. the dialogues are cleverly funny. with clever lines thrown about at lightning speed.

there is a big reason to supporting characters in the form of Titu’s family. alok nath is also in the movie. Alok Nath, in particular, is a real hoot. sending up his ‘sanskari’ image.  playing a hard-drinking swearing old man.

The casting works well. the performances of the actors are also up to the mark. Monologue man’ Kartik makes the most of his meatier part. he steals the show as always. Sunny, Nushrat and Ishita Raj add to the entertainment dose. but the movie goes for too long. it doesn’t work for the movie. it got Stretched for almost 2 hours, 20 minutes.